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David Rix

David Rix

I started Eibonvale Press several years ago now and I am behind the design and artwork involved in these books. An author myself, I am what might be termed 'book mad' on many levels and Eibonvale Press is my labour of love and attempt to inject a little something new into the book world.

I spent most of my life so far in the small seaside town of Whitstable, which has left me with an enduring love of seafood and shingle.  I spent three years attending College, studying things that were not quite closest to my heart – such classical music and art – leaving the really important stuff entirely self-taught, with the help of six bookcases full of remarkable literature, that is.  Later, I moved abroad to the sunny side of the alps, spending a year in Slovenia, overwintering in the remote mountains and enjoying the company of the pretty Central European girls – with all aspects of the trip leaving an impression that will probably linger in my writing forever. I now live in London.

My written works include the novella ‘What the Giant’s Were Saying’ - released by Eibonvale Press in an unashamed and defiant act of self publication - and the highly bizarre novella The Magpies in Strange Tales II from Tartarus Press. Several works are in progress in those moments when publishing activities clear from my brain, including a novel about S&M and stolen memories set in Camden Town and a collection of linked stories. 









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